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Meet the Camps


Thad Camp

Program Director

I grew up just southeast of Dayton, in Wilmington, where I was born and raised.   Since then I’ve taken up residence in Dayton with my lovely wife, Ashley.  Around the same time I made another major commitment and opened a State Farm insurance agency in Bellbrook, where I’ve been serving the surrounding communities since October 2014. 

I’ve always loved dogs, and I know how loved and comforted my three dogs have made me feel over the course of my life.  I’ve also seen first hand how the companionship of a service dog can deeply impact the well-being and quality of life of a special needs child.   It’s nothing short of incredible to witness that transformation and see a child gain the confidence and security that allows them to open up.

When I’m not working or volunteering for a great cause, Ashley and I love spending time with our fur-baby strolling through downtown Dayton or play time at the dog park.  When it’s time for ourselves, we enjoy spending time in the sun, whether it’s on a beach in a tropical location or on the patio at one of our many favorite Dayton restaurants. 

Ashley Camp

Development Director

I’m originally from Fayetteville, North Carolina but have spent the majority of my life in the Dayton area.  I was recently working as a Pharmacy Tech at Kettering Hospital but with the last year I have made a change and now work as a Project Analyst for Applied Research Solutions, a USAF contractor at Wright-Patt AFB. 

Like my husband, I’ve also always loved dogs.  In fact I’ve had one or more ever since I was a baby!  There was Candi, a beagle; Billie, the black lab mix; Daisy, a cocker spaniel; Libby, a chow/terrier mix – cute as a button but a total scaredy-cat.  Then there was another cocker spaniel my sister and I talked my mom into, Mia Pia.  We added the Pia after the fact because when we’d come home she would get so excited she’d . . . well, you know.  When I started dating Thad, he already had Cooper, a yellow lab and golden retriever mix – what a sweetheart. 

Thad and I both have participated in fundraising activities to help the child of a friend of ours get a service dog - what a great experience that was.  Their son is autistic and is non-verbal and the drastic change in his and his family’s life was astounding.  We want nothing more than to be a part of this experience for many more families like theirs.


Stanley Camp


Hi everybody!  I’m Stanley, or STANLEY! if I accidentally misbehave.  I’m 5 years old and a Chesapeake Bay retriever and Labrador retriever mix.  I like walking around downtown Dayton with mom and dad and playing with my friends at daycare or the dog park.  Of course I can’t be playing with my friends all the time, so chilling out at home is good too – just be sure I have my favorite chew toy, or better yet a bone with peanut butter.  The best though is cuddling with mom and dad.